Catholic Life Of The School

We believe that Collective Worship should be at the heart of our School community and therefore takes a fundamental part of school life as a result Collective worship takes place as follows.

· Staff have taken Key Stage Assemblies over the last months.
· There have been class Collective Worship where parents have been invited in to celebrate relevant aspects of school life eg. Y4 celebrating their First Reconciliation
· There continues to be Collective Worship using “Statements To Live By”
· Celebration Assembly on a Friday Morning.

The children help organise some of the above and as a result have developed an understanding for the need of such areas as:- the need to have some kind of coming together a focal point as the centre of the worship. The use of scripture and the need to reflect on the word. How we can respond to this word and carry out an action that will change our ways for the better.


As we have moved through our season of lent we have reflected through the following activities.

· Classes have lead Collective worship each morning during Holy Week (Parents were invited). These were short reflections on Jesus Passion.
· On the finale Thursday of term there was a Collective Worship pulling these reflections together.
· Classes have had their “Purple Home Bags” to take home so that families can pray together during Lent.

Mini Vinnies

All pupils are Mini Vinnies. However, there was a need to have a committee to represent each class. This committee has undertaken the following tasks.

· After the election of the Mini Vinnie Committee, money has been raised to create an account so that they can purchase any materials they may need.
· They have organised cards for the neighbours just whishing them well and to say we, as a school, are praying for them.
· We have also taken up the initiative from the main national group regarding the “Mini Vinnie Tokens” awards for various actions children may have taken. (Ways in which they have been “Good Samaritans” in everyday life.)
· They have organised collections of clothing for the refugees/migrants arriving at Greece
· They are looking into ways to collect food for the local food bank.

The “Year of Mercy”

Pope Frances has made this year the “Year of Mercy”. The Bishop said in his pastoral letter that :-

“Pope Francis is asking us not only to look for mercy but also to think how we ourselves can show mercy. This sacred time is for mending bridges, putting things right and welcoming those who are estranged. It is a time for healing in families and between friends; a time for gentle mercy and acceptance.”

As a result we have undertaken the following activities.

· Each class has designed a “Mercy Door” for each classroom.
· Minnie Vinnie Tokens which are about acts of Mercy
· A school prayer has been introduced about the Year of Mercy
· Themes are being picked up for each month designed by the diocese and can be found on the Diocesan Web page.